Welcome to our Vein Centre

As a pioneer in the most state-of-the-art technologies in clinical diagnostics and therapy of venous diseases in the region, we have put together a clear overview of comprehensive information about us, our practice and the range of services we offer. 

For us, the fundamental principles of our work are certified quality at the cutting edge of science and technology, the highest standards of hygiene, and detailed information and clarification of the limits and possibilities of innovative treatment methods. The intensive dialogue which is essential for a relationship based on trust begins even before your first visit to our practice – so that you can become our health partner as a patient with a say in all matters that concern you.

Our practice has been an established centre for vascular disease of every kind since the year 2000. Whether you are coming to us with broken capillaries which bother you from an aesthetic standpoint, chronic varicose veins or recurrence after pretreatment, our experienced team of doctors will devote their time and care to you. We will help you to make sense of the large number of conservative and operative therapies available today, and to find the best method for your individual needs to ensure the lasting success of your treatment. As we are specialists in state-of-the-art catheterisation, radiofrequency- and laser-based methods, rotational atherectomoy and the newest sclerotherapy techniques, you are in the best of hands. As all of your care is coming from one source – from diagnosis to aftercare – you can also be one hundred percent sure of your treatment and that there will be no compromise regarding organisation or communication.

On our homepage you can also see a comprehensive overview of the facilities here in our practice, which we renovated in 2010, and the Operation Centre which recently opened in the building. If we make the mutual decision to operate, you will find more information about procedures and accommodation here.

Of course, the written word cannot replace personal contact. If you would like to, you can read about us on our website and get to know us a little. Our friendly, competent and qualified staff would be glad to arrange an appointment for you, and to make you feel welcome in our practice in Neutraubling.

Trust means responsibility. Every day.
We take on this responsibility.
For beautiful, healthy legs.